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Softsubstrates MUWells

softsubstratesCells cultured in vitro on substrates of physiological rigidity were documented to resemble physiology of cells in vivomuch better than cells grown on flat plastic surfaces of traditional tissue culture plates. Softsubstrates™ plates are our simple and elegant tools to culture cells on substrates of defined rigidities. On the bottom of each well is a thin layer of specially formulated biocompatible elastomer which rigidity is measured and certified for producing successful repeat experiments. Advantages of our SoftSubstrates™ Cell Culture Products:
• Seven rigidities of SoftSubstrates™ coating effectively cover physiological range of soft tissues.
• Elastic coating of SoftSubstrates™ is made of silicone gel which neither hydrolyze nor bio-degrade.
• SoftSubstrates™ coating is transparent and has low auto-fluorescence. • Cell culture surface of SoftSubstrates™ is functionalized for reagent-free coating with matrix proteins.
• SoftSubstrates™ are ozone sterilized with at least one year of shelf life. • Elastic modulus of the coating is measured for each production batch.

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SoftSubstrates 6-Well Cell Culture Plate, Elastic Moduli 0.5, 2, 8, 16 & 64 kPa KIT-6W

€ 113,85

Growth Area - 10cm2, Typical Working Volume 2.5-3.5mL , Color Label - Mixed, Packaging - 5/pack, Sterile